July Update 2023

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VOL. 7, ISSUE 7                                                                                 7/27/2023



Happy Summer from the White Mountains in New Hampshire where Patrick and Tom are working on hiking the Appalachian Trail…Superb real estate to explore! Patrick says to watch out for a big comeback for Berlin, New Hampshire, a town where our Great/Grandfather grew up…He’ll be its new “Whisperer” from the midwest.

Please see the following recent summary from the Indiana Association of Realtors. It very adequately reflects what we are seeing in central Indiana, except for the fact that sales up to $450,000 seem to be slowing a bit due to the effect of higher interest rates (even though they are still below the 50 year historical average of 7.9%). We don’t see a significant drop in these coming over the course of the next couple of years at this time, just FYI.

Market Update: Cautious sellers continue to hold statewide home sales below 2022

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