January Update 2024

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VOL. 8, ISSUE 1                                                                                 1/18/2024



Happy Winter, as very cold temps have gripped us here in Central Indiana!

Upon the 20th Anniversary of D-Day 60 years ago in 1964, President/General/Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower told Walter Cronkite the following while being interviewed on Omaha Beach:

“It’s a wonderful thing to remember what those fellas twenty years ago were fighting for and sacrificing for, what they did to preserve our way of life. Not to conquer any territory, not for any ambition of our own. But to make sure that Hitler could not destroy freedom in the world. I think it is just overwhelming. To think of the lives that were given for that principle, paying a terrible price on this beach alone, on that one day, 2,000 casualties. But they did it so that the world could be free. It shows what free men will do rather than be slaves.”

Pretty amazing country we all live in!

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