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1. Identify clients needs.
  1. Type of house, number of bedrooms and baths, attached garage, basement, fireplace, size of lot, etc.
  2. Area parameters - north, south, east, west boundaries
  3. Time frame - Does the client have a house to sell and how are we going to handle this?
  4. Other factors - Schools, proximity to shopping, travel time to work, type of neighborhood, etc.
2. Discuss price range.
  1. Refer to lender with competitive rates, a wide range of loan products, and tremendous service.
  2. Discuss home-to-home loans, new construction lending, lines of credit, gifting, etc., if necessary.
  3. Review lender fees, title insurance charges, closing costs, and payments.
3. Explain the buying process.
  1. Looking at houses and understanding listing sheets.
  2. Establishing values of properties.
  3. Reviewing the purchase agreement - Offering price, personal property items which remain with the real estate, financing contingency, timing for closing, inspections and how they are negotiated, taxes, title insurance, surveys, earnest money, other contingencies, counter-offers, and final acceptance.
  4. Explaining the pending process - Loan application, scheduling the inspection and dealing with repairs, appraisals, arranging for homeowner's insurance.
  5. The Closing - Certified or Cashier's check, homeowner's policy and paid receipt, photo identification, scheduling, length of closing and location, explaining the closing process, reviewing the closing statement, filing exemptions, transfer of utilities and keys, etc.
4. Finding the "Perfect" Property.
  1. Checking the Multiple Listing Service, registering a prospect in the computer, talking with agents who are known to work in the area for potential new leads.
  2. Investigating For Sale By Owners (FSBO). As a Broker and an Attorney I am well suited to assist with these types of properties through brokerage or legal services. If the seller is not interested in a Broker being involved, all of my expertise can be utilized through the legal representation of the buyer. Often this fee can be negotiated within the price of the property. Such representation can typically hold the transaction together through the rough spots by facilitating proper communication between the seller and the buyer. Expertise as to details and value are just as important with a FSBO transaction, if not more so.
  3. Creating Opportunities. If we exhaust our avenues for looking and still have not found that "perfect" property, our efforts become even more proactive. In coordination with the buyer, properties that appear to meet the criteria will be identified and the owners contacted in order to see if they might consider selling. You might be surprised how well this works.
5. Conclusion.
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